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Web Analytics Training & Consulting

We believe a tool is only as good as the hands that wield it. At BlackStone Networks, we put the best and most powerful web analytics to work for you.

Using Google Analytics & other third party tools allows our team to give you the most complete look possible at all your data needs.

As a GA partner, we’re trained to use Google Analytics the right way — ensuring you get the best possible results. With services such as, training and reporting support, you’ll have the best data to make the most accurate business decisions.


This foundational step uncovers what you should be measuring and achieves the vital step of melding your measurement strategy with your business strategy.


Perfecting your process is an ongoing, methodical journey. We believe in following the optimization pyramid to effectively build your way to insight, action, and impact.


We set Key Performance Indicators to measure your progress. And, finally, we create performance targets to indicate when you’ve accomplished your objectives and achieved measurable success.

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